Brand Guidelines

Our brand guideline outlines the correct use of the Women’s Legal Service Qld brand and assets. This guide enables our staff and supporters to present our brand consistently so that it becomes widely known and trusted.

Our Mission
Accessible legal and social justice for a safer future for women and children.

Our Vision
Bringing our focus and expertise to legal and social issues affecting women, we are committed to a society in which every woman:
- can live free from violence and discrimination
- can tell her story, have it heard and respected, without judgement
- receives a just and equitable outcome from legal and social systems.

Our values
- Care,
- Respect,
- Inclusivity,
- Accountability,
- Collaboration

Our Brand Identity
Women’s Legal Service Qld is:
- Optimistic and hopeful,
- Resilient and brave,
- Supportive, strong and safe,
- An inclusive community of women

Our Colour Palette

Our Logo

Please keep our logo at a size where it is able to be easily read. And maintain the shape and proportions.


- Don’t call us “Women’s Legal Services”
- Use our logo on a crowded background
- Modify the proportions

Our font
Headings – Monsterrat or Palatino Regular
Body copy – Monsterrat Light
Body copy for letters and emails - Monsterrat or Calibri

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

White Logo (.png)

Grayscale Logo