Community Fundraising Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for Women’s Legal Service QLD. Your support will help women and their children impacted by family and domestic violence.

These guidelines have been developed to assist individuals, organisations or groups who are planning fundraising events and activities to benefit Women’s Legal Service Queensland (WLSQ). All individuals, organisations or groups who intend to raise funds for WLSQ must agree to these conditions.

The Australian Government has developed legislation governing the conduct of fundraising. Under the 1991 Charitable Fundraising Acts in each state, anyone wishing to raise money for charitable purposes must hold an authority to fundraise issued by the charity. Before starting your fundraising for WLSQ, we will need to authorise your fundraising activity. All individuals, groups or organisations who wish to fundraise must register with us, whatever the size of the event or the donation (cash or in-kind).

Please read the guidelines, then complete, sign and submit the “Permission to Fundraise form”.. The Fundraiser is not authorised to use WLSQ as its beneficiary charity until they receive an approved Authority to Fundraise letter from WLSQ.


 Fundraising for WLSQ

  • Management of the event/activity shall be conducted in your (the Fundraiser’s) name and is the sole responsibility of the Fundraiser. Due to limited resources, WLSQ staff or volunteers cannot help you to solicit prizes, sell tickets, organise media or publicity, or provide goods or services to run the event/activity
  • The Fundraiser’s arrangements for the event must be planned with the approval of WLSQ and a reasonable level of information about the event/activity must be shared with WLSQ
  • Any changes made from the original details provided on the Permission to Fundraise Form must be reported to WLSQ and may result in a new authorisation letter being distributed
  • WLSQ requires that there be no door-to-door appeals, street collections or telephone solicitation of any kind to the public in connection with the event
  • WLSQ’s authorisation of your event/activity may be issued at its absolute discretion based on the information you have provided. If authorisation is given, it is given in reliance on you providing truthful information and any risks or hazards to which participants may be exposed
  • WLSQ reserves the right to withdraw your authority to fundraise at any time.

Financial Responsibilities 

  • The Fundraiser must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the expenses do not exceed a fair and reasonable proportion of the gross proceeds obtained from the Event. The Charitable Fundraising Act states this as expenses not exceeding 40% of the gross proceeds
  • The net proceeds of the event/activity are to be sent to WLSQ within 14 days of the conclusion of the event/activity
  • The law requires you to keep records of income and expenditure relating to your fundraising appeal or event for up to 7 years and WLSQ may request copies of these records from you at any time during that period.
  • WLSQ will automatically provide official tax-deductible receipts to people who donate $2 or more online.
  • If you receive a cash donation of $2 or more from a donor who would like a receipt, WLSQ requires an accurate record of these donations so tax-deductible receipt can be provided at the conclusion of your event/activity. To be tax-deductible, a donation must be a gift where the donor receives nothing of material value in return.
  • WLSQ reserves the right to audit paperwork associated with the event or activity.

Legal Responsibilities

  • It is your responsibility to make sure your event/activity complies with all relevant Australian Federal and State laws
  • Fundraisers need to be aware of regulations related to gaming, liquor licensing and food preparation, and organise any permits, licenses, insurance or authorities to fundraise where necessary. This information is available from your state government or local council
  • Raffles – specific laws apply to fundraising by way of raffles e.g. where the total prize pool is over a certain amount. Please visit the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999 for details.


  • All aspects of financial and public liability and public safety are the responsibility of the Fundraiser. As WLSQ is not the Fundraiser we are unable to cover any liability on your behalf.
  • The Fundraiser agrees to release WLSQ to the fullest extent permissible under law for all claims, except where such liability arises because of the negligence of WLSQ or its agents. Therefore, please ensure that any space or venue used for your fundraising activities has the required public liability insurance.

Promoting Your Event or Activity

  • Fundraisers have a responsibility to make it clear that the event/activity is not a WLSQ event or activity, but in support of WLSQ
  • Recommended wording is, ‘This event (or activity) proudly supports Women’s Legal Service Queensland.’
  • Any printed materials or advertisements to be used by the Fundraiser in relation to the event/activity must be submitted to WLSQ for approval and must also state how the proceeds from the event/activity are to benefit WLSQ e.g. ‘all proceeds from this event’. Please allow 10 days for approval of your material
  • If the Fundraiser wishes to use the WLSQ logo on any materials or products, the Fundraiser must obtain prior permission from WLSQ
  • All media materials and press releases must be approved by WLSQ prior to circulation. Please allow 10 days for approval
  • Fundraisers are not authorised to speak to the media on behalf of WLSQ, only about your event/activity.

Parental Consent

Any person under the age of 18 conducting a fundraising event or activity must be appropriately supervised by an adult. Where a child is under the age of 12, he or she must only execute fundraising activities under the direct supervision of a parent or carer.

Upholding WLSQ Standards

  • WLSQ reserves the right to refuse any fundraising activity that does not align with our organisational values or ethics.
  • WLSQ expects all appeals and events to be held in a safe and responsible manner with consideration given to the nature and risk of the event or activity. If you have any concerns about managing risk for your event or activity, please contact WLSQ.

Pandemic Health Management

  • As part of the event taking place amidst the COVID 19 world pandemic crisis, you agree to adhere to all public health rules and regulations notified to you by your local, state or federal Government, other regulatory body or the event venue.


If you have any queries about your fundraising event or activity, please contact the WLSQ Fundraising team by emailing or phoning 07 3392 0644.

Thank you for helping to create a society in which every woman can live free from violence.